Friday, August 5, 2011

Sir Peyton the Picky

The other children had never questioned what we put in their mouths.  They ate what we gave them, and for the most part called it good.  I did not realize how spoiled I was.  Maddy was eating salad before she was two, Travis was popping cherry tomatoes like candy since the time he could chew.. I thought we were golden!  Our kids were terrific eaters.. with out us even trying... Then there came Peyt!

Peyton, my youngest, has been and maybe always will be my picky child.  We started cereal when he was almost 4 months old.... I should've known by his reaction to that cereal how the next months would unfold.  The grimaces, the convulsions, the screwed up faces... they all should have been an indicator of the "fun" Brian and I had in store. 

I finally got Peyton to eat cereal.  I mixed in the baby food, then tried  straight baby food.  He became a pro at those.  So it was time for some solids.  You would have thought we were killing him.  Back were the convulsions, the crying and yes.. the faces.  We tried dry cereal, we tried biter biscuits, fruit puffs.  You name it we tried it.  We had to force most foods into his mouth and make his chew them. 

 Fast forward to today...  We still have to force all new foods into Peyt's mouth, but he is trying new things.  He now eats chicken casseroles, Pb and j sandwiches, BBQ ribs, pasta and some fruits.  He still pitches fits and pushes my hand away sometimes, and he draws the line at enchiladas! 

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