Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Hurricane Irene blew through this past weekend.  It was a long day for everyone in our house (As it was for many people in the area ) After Brian and I got the kids to bed Saturday evening we snuck out to the garage, opened the door and sat in the back of the expedition watching the storm blow around us.  Before we went in for the night one of us mentioned how well the playground was holding up.  Well.. we spoke too soon... The next morning, after peeking out the front, we saw the playground was our one casualty. 

The kids were upset.. but in the grand scheme of things... it wasn't a terrible loss.  We still had our house, our electricity and most importantly our health...  At some point we will have to replace the playground for the kids... but for now, the playground behind Farm Fresh will be a great substitute.

After work today I got the kids ready and we set out for the park.  The kids have been going bonkers, and for both my sanity and their relief of wiggles, a trip to the park was an absolute necessity!

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