Saturday, August 6, 2011

The little Girl with the Curls

It's a fact.  My daughter looks like her Daddy.  Everywhere we go, we get the comment... My she looks like her daddy. And when we are out without him, I have even gotten asked if I adopted her.  One of the only things Maddy got from me is her curly hair.  She sprouted these beautiful curls when she was two years old, and besides one unfortunate self haircut, has been growing her hair long ever since.  I do not like to admit it to myself, but she is growing up.  She is interested in my daily toiletries routine.  She watches with fascination when I straighten my hair and apply makeup.  She wants to do the same things as me and wear the same things as me.  Her desire to be like Mommy is the best compliment that she could ever give me. :)  

We have straightened her beautiful hair once before.  Ever since that time, she has been begging to do it again.  So today, Aunt Mimi and Mommy decided to straighten her hair.  Here are here results!!

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