Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Country Life

I was born and raised in the city.  I fell asleep listening to police and ambulance sirens.  A quick trip to Target was just that... a five minute drive down the street. And then I met Brian.  We got married in 2005 and he whisked me away  to Suffolk, VA.  I did not know much of the town,  It was something I drove by on my way to and from Lynchburg during my college days. 

We have now been here for almost 6 years... I now have to plan "quick" trips to anywhere.  The closest Target is thirty minutes away, and if we hear a siren   ( which is not often ) we actually have to worry that it is someone we know.  The drive to see family and friends takes a toll on the car's mileage and our gas budget.  But there are some pluses.... the quiet is nice.  The kids have room to run and play, and the privacy has been a lifesaver in the past!!! ( Long, long story :) )  Tonight is one of those nights that I am happy to be in the country.  Our big plans after dinner was a walk for Mommy, Maddy and Peyton and yard work for Daddy and Travis.  Life slows down here in the country.  When life is going crazy... it is nice to take some time to enjoy a moment. 

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