Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Normal

It has been a week and a couple days.  Life is moving forward and we are as well!  All of the kids are home and are all comfortable being here.  I was worried about Maddy, but she is doing fantastic.  She talks about the bad guys that came in our house, but she is just happy they didn't take any of her stuff... **sigh** 

Tonight I was able to talk Brian into going for a walk with us.  Since we only have a double stroller, Maddy automatically gets the boot and has to choose between walking or riding her scooter or bike.  She opted for the bike tonight. :)  She is still tentative while riding.  Living out here, there isn't alot of space for her to ride on her own and learn. But she is learning.

The boys are happy with riding.  Peyt is looking at everything around him.  He points and talks in his own Peyt Peyt language that only he can understand.  Travis brough  Thomas the tank engine with him for the ride.  This week he is using Thomas as his "cell phone".  Oh and he also decided instead of being three, he is going to skip to fifteen :)

Thank you again to EVERYONE who has reached out with words of encouragement.  Thank you for just letting me talk.  Last week was a tumultuous week, between work, internet issues and mind games.  God has reminded me over and over that He has our family in His hand.  We are so blessed beyond belief.  I am reminded daily that this thing called Life is NOT predictable, but there are a couple sure things in it!

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