Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Liberty Weekend

A few months ago, my sister, Holly asked me what I thought about taking a weekend and going to Lynchburg for Liberty's homecoming.  I said... OF COURSE!!! Its sad, but I jump at a chance for kid-free adult time.. and we were going with Miriam and Trina as well.... All of this added up to a fun weekend that we were all really looking forward to. 

We set out last Friday afternoon after everyone got off of work.  We didn't do anything that evening, but were excited about getting up early to meet our Vicki for breakfast!  We all have had Vicki as our second mother while we lived in Lynchburg.  She has been a blessing in all of our lives.. and we LOVE spending time with her whenever we get the chance!  After prying ourselves away from Vicki, we went shopping for awhile.  I revisited my manager at Payless and even went through good ole River Ridge Mall to see my friend/coworker, Melissa!

Our plan for the afternoon was to rest for a bit and then head to the football game, but after realizing we would have to pay $20.00 each for tickets... we decided to get some exercise and walk the campus instead.. ( Yes we are cheap.. but we used to get into all of those games for FREE... so it hurts to spend THAT much money... LOL )  Here are some pictures of our wanderings around campus!

The Jones sisters in front of the fountain in the courtyard

Our adopted sister, Trina!!

Demoss 4th floor... a thing of legend when I roamed the halls, and us girls taking our picture with Jerry in his museum.
Us in front of the dorm we called home.. the girls were on 25-2 and I lived in 25-1 for 2 years... the ROCK!!  the boys in my brother dorm painted it for my 18th birthday.. and the top picture is from the run Trina and I took EARLY Saturday morning.

After resting for awhile, we headed out for dinner to our FAVORITE restaurant in Lynchburg, Osaka's.  My friend Zaneta introduced it to me while we were there, and when Holly and Trina came to college, I made sure to let them know about how AMAZING the food was...

Chicken and rice, NO vegetables with plenty of yum yum sauce...

After dinner, we headed straight for Scaremare, we knew the lines would be long, so we wanted to get there as early as possible... we DO have a sister in her THIRD trimester :)  We had to get her back to bed before 1am!

There were creepy guys on stilts dressed up as slaughtered pigs and bunnies... I had to get a picture of it!

Trina and I got up with the sun to go for a run around campus Sunday morning.. It brought back so many memories and helped us stay on track for our 10K coming up next weekend.  We were then planning to go to campus church, but we found out that they have changed it to Sunday nights... Bummed we headed to Starbucks to chase our blues away... lol.. The last thing we did while in Lynchburg, was meet with my good friend and old roomate, Krystal at Macado's for lunch.  It was sooo great to catch up and remember all the fun times we had soooo long ago...

The weekend we spent at Liberty was so needed for all of us.  We got a chance to step out of our current lives and remember how life was at college.  We all came to the consensus that although we look back fondly to our days at Liberty, we wouldn't trade it for our current, busy but wonderful lives.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Those three little words

 Brian and I have been married for almost 7 years.  We have been dating since 2003.  That is a long time to get to know one another.. but sometimes I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of truly knowing this man. His thoughts, his dreams, his goals in life, those are things that change and evolve and that I want to know and share with him.  That was the whole point of marriage right? 

Brian doesn't always make sense to me.. and I know for sure that I almost NEVER make sense to him.  But he does know how to show me that he loves me.  Random texts during the day, running through the store on his way home from work, and watching the kids for me when I just  need a break.  These little things show me every day just how much he really loves me. 

Tonight he decided to make us cupcakes for dessert.  Is there anything cuter, or sweeter than a man in the kitchen, cooking for you??  I think not!  Here are some shots of my sweet hubby making a sweet treat for us to share!