Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confessions from a Mommy of Three....

My mind, even on a good day is sometimes a dangerous place to be.  As I dove into a monstrously large pile of clean laundry that needed to be folded like 2 weeks ago, I found my mind wandering.  ( Anyone that knows me at all knows this is tied up with bathroom cleaning as my least favorite chore)  Keeping my mind busy while I fold endless shirts, shorts and undies is a defense mechanism against thinking about this most distasteful chore...

I found and posted one of my favorite verses this evening on Facebook.   "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.  Proverbs 3:5-6"   This verse started tumbling through my head while I was matching and rolling socks (ewwwww)  and it hit me how hypocritical I have been this summer.  I learned that verse long ago, and at times I have thought about its meaning.  But I haven't been trusting, acknowledging or looking for direction, NOPE I have been wallowing in the enormity of the situation I have been in and trying to handle the whole thing on my own. And how might you ask have I been handling this on my own???  Not well at all... shocker, I know!

The realization of all of this tonight has given me the perspective I have been lacking since June.  The endless days of kids, work, kids, housecleaning, kids, small doses of sleep and then back to kids, work, kids ... well you get the picture.... has left me frazzled, mean, distant, distraught and at the end of my rope. 

I am ending my ramblings for the evening.  The kiddos are fresh out of the bath, in pj's and tucked into bed for the night.  The laundry is folded... still on the table but folded!!  The kitchen is semi-clean and I am dragging myself to bed for the evening.  The cycle doesn't end, but my attitude sure can.  My path right now is kids, work, kids, housecleaning and kids...  I choose to trust in Him and follow this path as far as He takes me.  My blessings come from those kiddos and the journey Brian and I are on in this thing called life.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are......

We started off the week with a trip to the zoo!  The kids woke up singing about the trip and did not stop until we finally pulled into the parking lot.  They spoke excitedly of what animals are their favorites and which exhibit they wanted to see first.  Here are some snapshots of the fun we had that day!!!

Consulting their maps
Don't feed the humans!
Giraffes!! Trav's favorite animal.. at least this week....
Snack time!
Catching a ride on Mr. Rhino
Train ride around the zoo!
Mommy and Sir Peyt-peyt

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All About Daddy

This Father's Day has been a first.  On Friday, we got a call that Skip was not feeling like himself.  He couldn't feel anything on one side of his body.  Brian and I immediately thought the word STROKE.  Later that afternoon, Brian rushed into the house and confirmed the worst.  Skip wasn't right and we NEEDED to get him to the hospital.

Hours later, our fears were confirmed.  He had a stroke.  Our lives have changed in a moment.  Brenda's husband, Brian's father, our kid's Grandpa.  Skip carries many roles in his life, and for awhile on Friday I was trying to think of what it would be like in a world where Skip wasn't there and those roles were vacant.

Thank God, he has survived and he even has great promise of fully recovering through hard work and will power, both of which my father-in-law has in spades.  This weekend went by in a blur.  Trips back and forth from the hospital, picking up and dropping off kids.  Before we knew it, Sunday was here.  Father's Day.

The kids and I had grand plans of staying at home and resting.  After running everywhere for two days straight, home was what was needed.  Brian of course had to be at the hospital.  He needed to be there for his dad and for his mom.  We carved out some hours Sunday morning for our family.  Time to celebrate the Father in our family unit.

Brian requested pancakes, so early that morning I packed up the boys and headed to the store ( a quiet house is another way of saying thank you! )  After getting home I made, and we feasted on pancakes, biscuits and fruit.  Even O.P. got in on the pancake action.

Afterwards the kids geared up in their new soccer cleats and shinguards  and played outside with Daddy before he had to go.  We took the time to enjoy each other.  We took the time to make some memories.  If anything, this past weekend has taught us to appreciate these things just a little bit more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maddy's Big Day

Maddy graduated from Kindergarten at the beginning of June.  We have been so busy that I find that its the middle of June and I haven't had the chance to post the special occasion...

June 1, was dedicated to all things Madison.  I took of work to make sure that I could spend the whole day with my little girl who is growing up much too fast.  I picked her up from her last day of school and we headed to lunch, her choice... Olive Garden of course!  After enjoying soup, salad and bread sticks to her hearts desire, we headed to the nail salon to get manicures and pedicures in preparation for the big night.  After our nails were done, we headed home to get dressed for graduation.

Maddy remembered ALL of her lines for the evening's program and walked across the stage to get her "diploma" that had to be returned at the end of the night....  At the end of the evening they announced the children that won the Christian Character Award this year.  They chose one little boy and one little girl from each class.  My heart could not be any happier when I heard my Maddy girl's name announced as the recipient. 

It was a night to remember.  I cannot help but fast forward in my head to 12 years from now when Maddy walks across that stage once again.  My firstborn makes me so proud.  I love you Maddy Lynn <3

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Little Men

I grew up in a family of girls.  My poor father survived in our house by learning when to comfort girls who were crying for no reason and running to the store for chocolate when necessary.   As a girl in this house of women and one lone man, I had NO CLUE what living with boys was truly like.  That was of course until 7 years ago when I married Brian.  I then learned what it was like to have to put the toilet seat down and throw smelly socks in the washer.  It came as an utter shock that Brian did not innately know to run to the store when I was blue or to give me a hug when the tears threatened to spill.  Learning to live with a BOY was like learning to navigate through a unknown wilderness.  

And then... four years later I received another shock to the system.  I gave birth to a BOY.  With Maddy, I had kind of known what was ahead, but I was a mess when it came to getting to know my firstborn son.  Lets just say I could write a book about everything I learned about changing a baby boy's diaper....  

That was just the beginning however....  Travis brought me into a whole new world.  The boo boos, the dirt, the noises... they were all so foreign to me.  As he grew older and Peyton joined the family, the cars, trucks, and dinosaurs took over my house. I realized that my life has forever changed.  I once had a toy box full of barbie dolls, Disney princess paraphernalia and dress up clothes.  Now after two boys were added to the mix, it is more like every Lightning McQueen in the world is jumbled in with barbie heads and matchbox cars.  I am LUCKY if in the span of one day I don't trip over a race car track or slip on a lightning.

 But I discovered something I never would have expected.  There is NOTHING in this world like the love of a little boy.  They might smell, they might make more car noises than they actually talk on the majority of days, but when their semi grubby hands reach up to hold your hand, or they sleepily grab you around the neck in a hug before bed, my heart melts into a great glob of mommy love for my little guys.  

This week is a celebration of all things BOY.  My Travis and Peyton are 2 years and 3 days apart.  We not only spend this week knee deep in Lightning McQueen Birthday cake, but finding room for their ever expanding collection of cars, tractors, trains, tracks and trailers.  If it has wheels, my boys have it....  After this week, Maddy and I will have to escape the world of boys and men and spend some time doing something SUPER girly.... but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature of a boy.
-- Author Unknown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast

 Usually Sunday mornings are a crazy mad dash to get ready for church and run out the door.  There are baths for dirty kiddos, the search for matching socks and the inevitable battle of the wills with Maddy over the outfit she wants to wear and what I want her to wear.  We try to leave the house by 9 am and heaven help us... we reallllly try to hit that self made deadline.  What always gets left off the to do list is breakfast.   This makes the kids happy because then they get to choose whether they get McDonald's or Hardee's biscuits for breakfast.  And THIS is our weekly Sunday routine....

 This past week has been rough.  Peyt was sick last week and on Friday Maddy and Travis also were sick.  We decided to keep the kiddos home this week so as not to spread our lovely cooties any further than the Rustay house. 

 As Brian and I laid in bed this morning listening to the pitter patter of little feet and more often than not the squeals and screams of our offspring... I decided to do something out of the normal for a Sunday.... MAKE breakfast.  What might you ask is the breakfast of choice in the Rustay family???  Pancakes of course!  I am sad we missed church this morning, but I am so grateful for the time spent with my precious little family.  These days of childhood are moving so quickly and maybe just maybe, we made a memory this morning that will last long into a future of hectic Sunday mornings...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catching my breath...

The men of my life <3
Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
— Unknown

I was going through all the pictures on my phone last night and noticed something that hasn't crossed my mind in the last few months.  Not only do i have almost 1300 pics on my iPhone.... but I haven't put any of these up on my blog in ages.  I checked this morning and confirmed to myself that I haven't posted since this past December. 

Sibling love
Its a perfect example of Life just happening.  The title of my blog pretty much sums up what and why I share.  The few dear souls that look at this blog are checking in on this family and OUR life.  Our life for the past couple months has just been on over drive.  I accepted a new full time job in January and it feels like I have barely come up for breath since then!  We have been learning how to navigate the changes in our family and make readjustments as we go along.   

Life changes and you change with it.  The following pics pretty much cover where things have been and what has been happening for the past three months.  I will try to be better about postings! 

Baby Elena Elizabeth Roth born January 19th and weighing in at 6lbs 14 oz.

Dennis the Menace

My Travey boy   

Last but not least, our O.P. Dopey <3