Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All About Daddy

This Father's Day has been a first.  On Friday, we got a call that Skip was not feeling like himself.  He couldn't feel anything on one side of his body.  Brian and I immediately thought the word STROKE.  Later that afternoon, Brian rushed into the house and confirmed the worst.  Skip wasn't right and we NEEDED to get him to the hospital.

Hours later, our fears were confirmed.  He had a stroke.  Our lives have changed in a moment.  Brenda's husband, Brian's father, our kid's Grandpa.  Skip carries many roles in his life, and for awhile on Friday I was trying to think of what it would be like in a world where Skip wasn't there and those roles were vacant.

Thank God, he has survived and he even has great promise of fully recovering through hard work and will power, both of which my father-in-law has in spades.  This weekend went by in a blur.  Trips back and forth from the hospital, picking up and dropping off kids.  Before we knew it, Sunday was here.  Father's Day.

The kids and I had grand plans of staying at home and resting.  After running everywhere for two days straight, home was what was needed.  Brian of course had to be at the hospital.  He needed to be there for his dad and for his mom.  We carved out some hours Sunday morning for our family.  Time to celebrate the Father in our family unit.

Brian requested pancakes, so early that morning I packed up the boys and headed to the store ( a quiet house is another way of saying thank you! )  After getting home I made, and we feasted on pancakes, biscuits and fruit.  Even O.P. got in on the pancake action.

Afterwards the kids geared up in their new soccer cleats and shinguards  and played outside with Daddy before he had to go.  We took the time to enjoy each other.  We took the time to make some memories.  If anything, this past weekend has taught us to appreciate these things just a little bit more.

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