Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Boy and the Blankie

Travis and his blankie met when Travis was 3 or 4 months old.  It was Brian's blanket from his bachelor days.  The UNC logo woven throw had graced the back of his couch until I took over the decorating department.

Brian got the all important job of decorating Travis' room when he found out we were having a boy.  The UNC room project then commenced.  The walls were UNC colors, the curtains were dark blue to complement the Carolina Blue and Brian sacrificed his blanket to the cause.

Little did he know that one day the UNC throw would turn into blankie... Blankie sleeps with Travis.  Blankie travels with Travis.  Blankie gets dirty with Travis.  Travis cannot close his eyes at night without blankie by his side.  I drew the line with blankie traveling when Travis was around 1 or so.  But that didn't stop Travis or blankie.  Travis solved his separation problems by pulling pieces of string out of his blanket and taking those wherever he went.  From then on, Brian and I have been finding Blankie strings in the most unusual places.  Under the couch, under the bed, hidden behind doors, stuffed in books, in the car and even hidden in the freezer... yes... the freezer. 

I cannot wait to share this story with Travis, his future wife and even his children someday.  It is something special... something uniquely Travis.

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