Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Days......

I cannot believe my Maddy girl is in K5 this year!  She has been looking forward to this day since the end of the school year last May.  She would come up to me all summer and say things like, " Mommy when I'm a big girl that means I will be in K5 right??"

Well.... the day finally arrived!  She was up bright and early ready to wriggle into her new clothes and pushing me to put product in her hair and fasten back the way she likes it with her favorite barrette..  She had carefully assisted me with the packing of her backpack last night and watched happily as I slipped two cookies into her lunchbox.  She pranced back and forth in front of the mirror wearing her backpack and holding her lunchbox.  The girl was READY for school. 

We waited for Grandpa to come over.  He watched the boys while I took her to school for the all important first day.  She eagerly showed Grandpa her new outfit and her bursting back pack.  With these important items taken care of and a picture snapped of the group on the couch... we were OFF.  On the way to school we sang disney songs and talked about the coming day.  We finally made it to school and she was litterally bouncing uncontrollably from the excitement. 

We made our way to Mrs. Warren's classroom, two doors down from her old K4 classroom.  She peered in and we found that we were the first ones there.  We organized all of her school supplies and found her seat.  After numerous hugs and kisses, I pulled myself away and headed back to take care of the boys at home.  I did allow myself one more fleeting glance as I walked out the door.  I couldn't be prouder of my baby girl.  I will treasure that last sneaking glance I saw of my Maddy as I left her to face her first day of Kindergarten... What a moment to remember!

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