Saturday, September 24, 2011

10K Training with T.G.

Its the end of September.  Fall is here and the Wicked 10K is right around the corner!!  Team Glitter has started up training and we are working towards our winter running goals.  10K race the end of October, 10 miler in November and a Half Marathon Distance the week before Christmas. 

We are down in numbers since last year, losing Em and Holly to some sweet little baby girls.  We gained Trina and are ALWAYS accepting new TG runners!!  We can't wait to get Emily and Holly back soon as well! 

This week the goal was four miles.  The assignment was 4 miles however we wanted to break it up during the week, and a 4 mile run this afternoon.  The weather wanted to stop us with a steady drizzle of rain, but it didn't stop this group!  It was a good run and ( in my opinion) made us official hard core runners, since not everyone chooses to run in the rain :0)

Some love heels, some love flip flops, but these girls love their Running Shoes!! 

4 miles down, 2.2 more to go!!

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