Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time Change Sunday

The joy of time change Sunday during fall, is the fact that time falls back and you get an extra hour of sleep... if you don't have kids that is...  I remember "fall backs" before kids were in the picture.  An extra hour to sleep in was a delicious indulgence that I just never quite appreciated until I had it no more. 

My sweet boys share a room.  My Travis has started rising every morning before the sun.. and then proceeds to wake Peyt up so he has company.  I knew it was coming last night.  I even mentioned it to Brian last night before I went to bed... My lil guys were going to be up at an unimagineably early hour this morning... and yep.... 4:30 am came wayyyyyy to early.

There was no going back to sleep... so I took some good advice and decided to embrace the early morning and get some housecleaning done.  After feeding the boys breakfast and getting them settled in with cartoons, I proceeded to do laundry, dishes and even some sweeping... I had my morning coffee... and some Mariah Carey Christmas, and I actually surprised myself by NOT being miserable at 5:30 in the morning! 

One day all of my babies will be teenagers and I won't have the sleeping problem.  Well... I probably will have a sleeping problem... getting them to actually get up and going.. So I am going to finish my cup of coffee, fold some more laundry and listen to Mariah croon about Christmas... this to shall pass!!
The coffee maker clock had not been changed yet.... and YES I know my laundry is out of control!

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