Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eight Days til Christmas!

This past November, I was wandering around Target with the boys and found a cute little foam Christmas Tree countdown.  I picked it up compulsively, thinking it would be something fun the kids could do to keep track of the days until Christmas. 

I actually forgot about it and it stayed in the Target bag in the back of the truck until the last day of November.  When I remembered it, I brought it inside and the kids were instantaneously all over me asking questions.  I pulled it out, assembled it and explained what it was and what we were going to do.

Bright and early the next morning, Maddy bounced out of bed and immediately asked who go to do the first day.  And so began our new tradition.  The child who doesn't get to change the date, gets to plug in all the Christmas lights... a system that will only work until Peyt wants in on the action....

We are 17 days in, and both of my older children can tell you what day it is and how many days until the big day... It was definitely a good $5 spent!

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