Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Night that Pinterest Failed.....

As a working mom I battle the ever present feelings of guilt for missing out on my children's daytime moments.  By the time I reach home, I am exhausted and hungry and grumpy, with precious little left to dedicate to my babies.  With Peyt climbing the pantry shelves and Maddy and Trav fighting over whether to watch Sponge bob or Scooby Doo, my patience is quickly lost and I end up LOOSING it on one or all of my children....  AND enter the GUILT monster. 

Tonight I made a conscious decision to do better.  I can't keep falling into the same rut- or this is at least what I tell myself as I drive away from work and head out to pick up the boys.  We drive to the store with a grocery list which includes ingredients for a  Pinterest recipe I have been eying for awhile. Home made cheezits.

 There is something you have to understand... You could NOT grow up in my father's house without liking the delicious, crunchy, salty mini cracker known as a cheezit..  My father has passed this snack food addiction down to my own dear children.  He even keeps a box of the cheesy snacks in his pantry most weeks " for the kids"  sure dad... sure **wink wink**

I digress...  This evening I was determined to make it through the evening AND accomplishing a few simple things;

1.  Make dinner, from scratch for the family
2.  Make lunch , from scratch for myself ( so that I don't give into my Panera cravings )
3. Ensure that the TV stayed off for the duration of the evening
4.  Make homemade cheezits with the kiddos

With number 1, 2 and 3 accomplished, I cleaned up the kitchen in preparation for the cheesy baking to begin... 

Peyt, the wild child watching from the counter.. apparently pretending to be a puppy...

 We followed the recipe to a T... we rolled out the cheese dough... we cut them into shapes and poked holes in them to allow air to vent.  We salted them with sea salt and then placed them in the oven to bake into yummy cheesy crackery goodness...

While we waited for our cheezits to bake we went into the eerily quiet living room to listen to Maddy read to us... ( As you remember, I was very determined to keep the television OFF )

The timer dinged 8 minutes later and I pulled the crackers out to cool....

Then it was test tasting time....  Please check out the faces of my children to see if the crackers were IN FACT a success or a failure....

So, tonight Pintrest failed the Rustay family.  It did not provide us with a "healthier" non preservative filled replacement for our favorite crackers...  But we did HAVE FUN tonight, we did spend time together without meltdowns from either mommy or the kiddos... In my book, this makes tonight a successful evening.  Maybe.. just maybe... this is a bend in the road.  Maybe I can stop feeling so super guilty everyday when I look at the kids and see my failures in the form of time missed out on and things not accomplished. 

We can look back on tonight and say, Remember that night we made those super YUCKY crackers??  That was fun!  I can strive to make more evenings like tonight a reality.  Or maybe I can try to find that happy medium I have heard so many people talk about...  Either way I have a feeling there is a trip to the grocery store for real cheezits in my future!!

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